Zip Lines or Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

Looking for exciting and at times scary? Try a canopy or zip line adventure. I left a link for the company I used on Costa Rica, but Munda Aventura was awesome.

They are established and the only place I could find and also my agent could find that would take children younger than 13.

Yes, yes I took my (at that time) 3 year and 5 year old on a zip line tour. I am pretty conservative, not quite sure what I was thinking.

The zip line was unbelievable. Look at the site to get an idea, but you will be half a day walking and flying through the air on wires. It is awfully high at times, not something I would reccommend for one with vertigo. Did I mention I took my 74 year father with me.

There are 10 cables you will "fly" across from 200-800 meters across. I cannot even tell how high we were at times. Let us just say there was a good football field between myself and the "top" of the trees below. The sites were unbelievable. At the end of the day, we rode horseback home.

They have other trip options rappeling down waterfalls etc. Before your journey you can see their butterflies, local frogs (such as the poison dart frog), and general farm.

They were quite professional and courteous.

It was kind of funny, my youngest slept (do not ask me how) the last 3 ziplines.

They show you videos on their website of the actual process.

Even though it is scary, I felt quite safe they had very professional people and 1 for each person going up.